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PP for 'product placement' or 'puzzled public'? The effectiveness of symbols as warnings of product placement and the moderating role of brand recall

Tijdschriftbijdrage - Tijdschriftartikel

This research examines the effectiveness of the European 'PP' symbol, recently introduced as a warning of product placement in locally produced television programmes. The authors test whether this symbol counters the pervasive effect of product placement on purchase intention. Study 1 shows that the symbol does not prompt resistance to the influence of product placement. This is because the majority of consumers neither notice nor comprehend the symbol. In Study 2, two training methods are tested to increase the symbol's effectiveness: (1) verbal label training and (2) a combination of verbal label training and information training. The addition of information training is necessary to increase the symbol's noticeability, whereas verbal label training helps increase the symbol's comprehensibility and effectiveness in activating persuasion knowledge and decreasing purchase intention. Finally, the results provide evidence that brand recall is crucial for resistance to product placement, suggesting the importance of brand recall as a moderator of resistance processes.
Tijdschrift: International Journal of Advertising
ISSN: 0265-0487
Issue: 3
Volume: 32
Pagina's: 419 - 442
Jaar van publicatie:2013
Trefwoorden:Economie, bedrijfswetenschappen en management , Onderwijskunde en informatiewetenschappen