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Centre of Expertise on Gender, Diversity and Intersectionality Vrije Universiteit Brussel


The basic objective of the RHEA Expertise Center is to contribute to knowledge development on gender, diversity and intersectionality through scientific and interdisciplinary research and education. RHEA is an interfaculty research group and is led by Gily Coene (director) and Karen Celis (codirector). Rhea also provides a platform for researchers from various VUB departments and faculties and also provides advice on equal opportunities and ...

Diversity Hasselt University


The research of the unit is organized in three thematic clusters: diversity in employment relations and organizations, in education and in the Belgian society. Examples of research topics are inclusive diversity management practices, the relation between diversity and employment relations, pregnancy-related discrimination at work, work-family balance for female entrepreneurs, and entrepreneurship in ethnic minority communities. ...

Biotope Diversity Research Institute for Nature and Forest

The Biotope Diversity team builds knowledge and understanding of the state and trends of habitats and other biotopes and vegetation in order to support appropriate Natura 2000, biotope and site-based policies. Together with colleagues from other teams, we take care of the six-yearly analysis of the state of Natura 2000 habitats (and report it to the EU) and the preparation and evaluation of the Regional Conservation Objectives for those ...

Biotope Diversity Research Institute for Nature and Forest

The Biotope Diversity research group monitors and investigates biodiversity mainly at biotope level, focusing on both terrestrial and aquatic biotopes and paying special attention to Natura 2000 habitats. It designs monitoring networks and mapping and other methods for monitoring biotopes’ conservation status and for the purposes of mandatory reporting to Europe. Besides designing measurement networks, the group also performs some biotope ...

Policy in Sports & Physical Activity Research Group KU Leuven



The general mission of the Policy in Sports & Physical Activity Research Group is to conduct and provide high quality research and education in the field of human kinesiology, including sports economics, sports history, sports management, sports marketing, sports policy, sports politics and sports sociology.

The research group strives to understand the relation between human movement and society both from a ...

Business Economics and Strategic Policy Vrije Universiteit Brussel

The department for business economics and strategic policy seeks to bridge the gap between economic academic research and the business community. The study focuses on two main themes: (1) impact of economic policy on businesses and (2) long term business strategy. 1. The effects of economic policy tools applied by government are assessed according to the following criteria: - effectiveness; - legitimacy; - economic feasibility; - ...

AID Policy University of Antwerp

TG Aid Policy members have varied but complementary research backgrounds and geographical expertise. They share an interest in the "new aid architecture" that arose around the turn of the millennium and that has led to the 2005 Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness. The major focus is on macro aspects of aid such as the use of selectivity and ex post conditionality, the increased attention to institutional and governance issues, gender, the ...

Economics and Public Policy Hasselt University


The Policy Management group carries out economic research on public policy. The group focuses on the efficiency and effectiveness of government interventions by carrying out cost-effectiveness analyses and cost-benefit analyses. Furthermore, research is performed on the impact of the regulatory quality (ease of requesting permits, administrative burdens,...) on the ease of doing business in Europe.