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Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB)


Lifecycle:1 Jan 1960 →  Today
Organisation profile:

The primary missions of the Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) are education and research.

A FEB education aims to prepare students for successful entrepreneurial endeavours and careers in the corporate world, in national and international public policy-making, or in research. To achieve this the FEB offers high-quality, research-based degree programmes in the fields of both economics and business, and from Bachelor to PhD.

Secondly, the FEB wants to foster research with high academic and societal impact, and high visibility in the corporate world. The FEB’s ambition is to be the leading learning and research community in Belgium and to excel in the different research subfields the school hosts, thereby deserving its high rank among the top of European schools of Economics and Business.

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Keywords:Applied economics, Economics
Disciplines:Other philosophy, ethics and religious studies not elsewhere classified, Theory and methodology of philosophy, Philosophy, Ethics, Applied economics, Economic history, Macroeconomics and monetary economics, Microeconomics, Tourism