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Translation and Intercultural Transfer, Leuven

Research Group

Lifecycle:1 Aug 2013 →  Today
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Research Translation and Intercultural Transfer, Leuven

This research group focuses on translation as a vector of intercultural transfer: interlingual and intralingual as well as intersemiotic forms of translation are addressed. Transfer movements occur within and between national, regional and continental cultures. The proposed research is not limited as regards time or space but addresses , instead, a comprehensive range of translation genres and translated genres.

Methodologically, preference is given to historical, descriptive and empirical methods, taking into account the dialectical relations between translation and other parameters of translational communication: agents (translators, authors, mediators, readers and audience), related forms of transfer (multilingual writing, self-translation, parody and pastiche, subtitling, localization, criticism, didactics etc.), genre-systems, legislative and other institutions, economic and political factors, canonization.

Keywords:Translation policy in the Low Countries, Translation theory and historiography, Literary translation, Distribution and reception of translated literature
Disciplines:Literary studies, Theory and methodology of language studies