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Hoofdorganisatie:FLEXIBLE ASSEMBLY

The goal of the FlandersMake ProductionS core lab isto develop solutions for flexible manufacturing systems enabling theindustry 4.0 promise of mass customisation.

We design, buildand validate innovative, industrially relevant, solutions within the following technology domains:

·        Flexiblemanufacturing system architectures enabled by the reconfigurable interaction betweenmulti-vendor industrial automation solutions, robotic systems and humanoperators.

·        SmartRobotic Systems featuringintuitive, skill-based programming capability and safe human-robotcollaboration

·        OperatorInformation Systems featuringbi-directional interaction with the operator including digital workinstructions, IoT-enabled performance dashboarding and ergonomics monitoring

·        Joiningtechnology for circular (dis)assembly including fast adhesive curing & debondingand digital twins of assembly processes

With a fast-growing team of 25+highly-skilled researchers with a mix of industrial andacademic background we participate in subsidized, collective research projectsand offer bilateral contract research services. Our technology is validated up to Technology ReadynessLevel TRL-7 by means of a high-end research infrastructure including anindustrially relevant assembly/disassembly line, various robot and cobotsystems, AR/VR equipment, a mobile demonstration lab and a unique validationlab for Joining Technologies.
Trefwoorden:Industry 4.0, Cobots, Digital Work Instructions, adhesive curing & debonding, Industrial IoT, Robot programming, Operator ergonomics, Digital twin of assembly processes
Disciplines:Productiesystemen, Productie automatisering, Planning van het productieproces, Computergeïntegreerde productie, Robotsysteemarchitecturen en -programmering, Human-centered en life-like robotica, Robotica en automatische controle, Robotmanipulatie en interfaces, Mobiele en gedistribueerde robotica, Interactieve en intelligente systemen, Productieprocessen, -methoden en -technologieën