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Onderzoeksgroep Accounting & Taks, Campus Brussel

Research Group

Tijdsduur:1 mei 2016  →  Heden

Onderzoeksgroep Accounting & Taks, Campus Brussel

The research group Accounting & Tax joins together researchers within the domains of Accounting and Tax that focus on company reporting and compliance. Some of the major research topics are ((i) financial reporting and performance with a focus on non-profit organizations and small- and medium-sized enterprises; and (ii) tax legislation in a national, European and international context. These topics are the result of researchers’ interests and expertise and reflect current societal trends, such as the discussions on accountability issues in the non-profit sector, recent reforms of financial reporting requirements for SMEs, etc.

Trefwoorden:Taks, Accounting
Disciplines:Bedrijfsadministratie en boekhouding