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Human Geography Vrije Universiteit Brussel

The emphasis of research in human geography is laid on the fields of urban social geography, urban and regional planning, geography of development and geography of health. During the last five years research has been finalised on: 1. Structure planning in Flanders and Vlaams-Brabant; 2. Urban renewal in Brussels; 3. Comparative atlas of European cities; 4. The provision of services for the elderly in Brussels; 5. Migration in the Brussels ...

Division of Geography and Tourism KU Leuven


Within the Department of Geography and Tourism spatial patterns at the surface of the earth are studied and the dynamic interaction between the (bio-) physical environment and society takes a central place.

Geography Vrije Universiteit Brussel

The ongoing research is concentrated in the fields of: 1. Human Geography: - Urban and social geography; - Urban and regional planning; - Geography of development; - Geography of Health. 2. Physical Geography: - Ice and climate; - Soil erosion and landscape studies. 3. Cartography and Geographic Information Systems.

Department of Geography Ghent University

On the interface between exact and social sciences, we focus in our research and education on spatial patterns at the earth surface and the dynamic interaction between environment and society.A wide variety of theoretical, technical and practical aspects characterizes both the research and the education in our department.Thanks to the multidisciplinary character of our projects, we are open to national and international collaborations in ...

Human Physiology and Sports Physiotherapy Research Group Vrije Universiteit Brussel


The research group MFYS explores the interaction of exercise on neurochemistry and neurophysiology. The research is concentrated at several levels: Fundamental – Physiological research; Applied – Clinical research and Benchmarking – Policy making research.
Most of the research projects progress through these 3 levels, starting from fundamental studies (e.g. animal studies) through applied, clinical trials, which could lead to ...

Antwerp Centre for Digital humanities and literary Criticism (ACDC) University of Antwerp

The analysis and interpretation of texts constitute a central research focus in literary studies. At this moment Humanities research is increasingly being enhanced by means of automation (Digital Humanities). In addition to 'close reading' this development also enables 'distant reading', an umbrella term for new methods of digital text analysis which allow humanities researchers to discover not only micro- but also macrophilological phenomena, ...

Brussels Platform for Digital Humanities Vrije Universiteit Brussel


The digitization of information sources and research methods exerts an ever increasing influence on the various disciplines within the domain of Literature and Philosophy. For several years, researchers have clustered internationally around the emerging field of "Digital Humanities" (DH) to investigate how the technological development of new digital resource series and research methods can broaden and renew the domain of Arts and Philosophy. ...

Centre for Ethics and Humanism Vrije Universiteit Brussel


The members of the Center conduct fundamental research on subjects that fall under the umbrella theme of enlightenment and contemporary humanism. More specifically, the inquiry relates to:

- the historical enlightenment and its current meaning;
- the evolution of humanistic thinking, with particular attention to:

- the pragmatic and hermeneutical input on that domain
- current issues such as dealing with the other ...