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Division of Geography and Tourism


Lifecycle:1 Jul 1977  →  Today
Organisation profile:

Research themes of the Division of Geography The current Division of Geography was created in 2010 by a merger of the former Divisions of Social and Economic Geography on the one hand and Division of Physical and Regional Geography on the other hand. The research themes of the Division of Geography are: - Terrestrial Ecosystems and Environmental Change (G.Verstraeten) - Geomorphological Processes, Soil Degradation, Soil and Water Conservation (J. Poesen, G. Govers) - Society and Environment (land use change modelling) (M. Loopmans, A. Van Rompaey, G. Govers) - Regional Climatology (N. van Lipzig) - Social Geography (C. Kesteloot, M. Loopmans) - Economic Geography, Regional Development and Spatial Policy (D. Vanneste, M. Loopmans) - Tourism and Leisure (D. Vanneste, R. Govers).

Keywords:Cartography, Geomorphology, Geographical information systems, Praehistoric land use, Physical landscape, Aeolian processes, Soil conservation, Soil erosion, Sedimentology, erosion, Atmosphere physics, meteorology, climatology, aerology, Physical geography, geomorphology, pedology, Topography, cartography, photogrammetry, mathematical geography