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Lifecycle:1 Jan 1970 →  Today
Organisation profile:

The department SCRI is developing research in the area of criminological sciences, and more in particular in the following domains: 1. Juvenile justice: - History of juvenile delinquency and the juvenile justice system; - Community service and mediation for juvenile offenders; 2. Police: community policing, public and private security. 3. Penal policy: - Alternative sanctions; - Sentencing and penal culture; - Drug policy; - Socio-legal and anthropological approach. 4. Prisons: - Overcrowded prisons; - Prisoners' rights; - Private prisons; - The use of imprisonment (pre-trial detention, length of prison sentences, early release and parole).

Keywords:Sentencing, Pre-Trial Detention, Community Policing, Restorative Justice, Criminal Policy, Criminal Law, Prison Systems, Juvenile Justice, Economic Criminality, Criminal Procedure
Disciplines:Criminology, Law