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Exercise Physiology Research Group KU Leuven


Research Exercise Physiology is one of the five units of the departement of Movement Sciences. The specific research lines of each research group all relate to the two central themes: Health & Well-being and Sports & Performance. As such, the two overarching research themes constitute the explicit link between the research groups.

Product Quality and Innovation Research Institute for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food


Optimal processing of primary agricultural products (plant and animal) into quality food, feed and non-food products is our focus, particularly dairy, meat and fish products, ready-made meals, vegetables and fruits. We study quality improvement, authenticity, nutritional and functional properties, taste, nutrition and health, detection of GMOs and allergens, valorization of secondary flows and new applications from plant biotechnology.

Flanders' FOOD Flanders' FOOD

Flanders’ FOOD is a unique, strategy-driven platform for the facilitation of innovation, thereby contributing to a more competitive, innovative and sustainable agrifood industry. Flanders’ FOOD levers the innovation capacity of the agrifood companies by enhancing their scientific and technological knowledge by means of an integrated approach of knowledge creation, knowledge dissemination and partner matching. This way Flanders’ FOOD also ...