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Department of Civil law Ghent University

The research in the Department of Civil Law covers various areas of civil law, notarial law and environmental law.

Department of Sociology Ghent University

The department consists of five research groups: POS+ Participation, Opportunities, Structures (onderzoek naar de multidimensionale patronen van sociale participatie en uitsluiting in hedendaagse en vroegere samenlevingen), Centre for Higher Education Governance Ghent (CHEGG; research on governance in higher education), Center for Social Theory (CST; theoretical and theory-driven empirical research, organized around four major themes: 1) ...

Department of Special Needs Education Ghent University

The Department of Orthopedagogics aims to investigate the behavior of children and adults in difficult educational and living situations, starting from an integrative, inclusive and participatory viewpoint. At present, the department is composed of two research domains: Research lines for the field of Orthopedagogics and Orthoagogics (Behavioral Disorders, Drug Abuse and Assistance, Orthopedagogical Care Organization, Families and Social ...

Department of Internal medicine Ghent University

Research at the Department of Internal Medicine is focused on basic and clinical research of molecular and pathofysiological pathways, aiming to identify novel therapeutic targets to improve disease diagnosis and treatment of patients. The department contains 13 research units: Cardiology Endocrinology Gastroenterology and Hepatology Geriatrics General Internal Medicine Haematology Intensive Care Medical oncology ...

Centre for Sociology of Law University of Antwerp

The Centre for the Sociology of Law (CRS) from the University of Antwerp in Belgium has been conducting mostly empirical research since 1972. In very general terms, the Centre focuses on scholarly research on the interface between law and society. Certain topics have been dealt with repeatedly in past studies (e.g. family law, administration of justice, legal assistance, judicial backlog) and still belong to the centre's primary focus of ...