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Department of Sociology


Lifecycle:1 Jan 1993 →  Today
Organisation profile:The department consists of five research groups: POS+ Participation, Opportunities, Structures (onderzoek naar de multidimensionale patronen van sociale participatie en uitsluiting in hedendaagse en vroegere samenlevingen), Centre for Higher Education Governance Ghent (CHEGG; research on governance in higher education), Center for Social Theory (CST; theoretical and theory-driven empirical research, organized around four major themes: 1) U+201CBig structures, large processes and huge comparisonsU+201Dsuch as the rise of the world society, the knowledge society, the risk society, as well as the challenges these changes pose for social order and cohesion, 2) the micro-macro link studying how large-scale developments affect smaller-scale phenomena such as social solidarity, social practices, 3) the agency-structure debate how social structures influence the behavior of actors and the latter are able to transform these structures and 4) current debates in sociological theory), Health and Demographic Research (Hedera; research on Sociology of health, Sociology of the family and Social demography with a special focus on crucial life-course transitions U+2013 such as birth, migration, marriage, divorce, sickness and death), Cultural Diversity: Opportunities & Socialisation (CuDOS; research on Education and Youth, Gender, Sexuality and Sexual Minorities and Cultural Sociology and Lifestyle)
Disciplines:Applied sociology