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Research Unit of Pastoral and Empirical Theology

Lifecycle:1 Jul 1977 →  Today
Organisation profile:

This Research centre consists of the Liturgical Studies Institute and the Academic Centre for Practical Theology.

PASTORAL THEOLOGY - Religion in Contemporary Society - New Religious Movements and Trends - Contemporary Church Life - Catholic Church Personnel - Christian Witness and Communication of Faith - Pastoral Supervision - Training of Pastoral Workers in Parishes, Schools, Health care organizations etc... Catholic School: achieved in 1998: publication in English of 'The Management and leadership of Christians Schools'. Groot- Bijgaarden/Rome, 1998, 470pp. SACRAMENTOLOGY & LITURGY - Historical Research - Theology of Sacraments and Liturgy - Liturgy and Pastoral care - Postmodern Sacramento-theology: two colloquia are programmes:1) Flanders & Vliebergh Courses in august 1999; 2) International congres in November 1999. CATECHESIS AND RELIGIOUS EDUCATION - Fundamental Catechetics - History of Catechesis - Religious Education Programmes in Schools - Religious Education of Adults and Communication of Faith in families - Training of Catechists and Teachers of Religion - Multimedia and Religious Formation: achieved in 1998: 1)publication of a book by H. Lombaerts & H. Roebben (Ed.), 'Gods Website', Acco Leuven 1998, 214 pp. 2)Creation of a website on the internet: http//www.kuleuven.ac.be/godinet for the initial and ongoing training of teachers of Religions, introducing a new didactical/educational concept. MISSIOLOGY AND COMPARATIVE RELIGION - Anthropology of Religion and Religious Anthropology - History and Theology of the Third Church - Theology of Non-Christian Religions - World Religions - Christianity and Asian Religions

Keywords:Communication of Faith, Religious Education, Catechetics, Religion on the internet, Missiology, Sacraments, Pastoral Work, Liturgy
Disciplines:Theology and religious studies