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Citizenship, Equality & Diversity (CED) University of Antwerp

The research group focuses on issues of inequality and equality in relation to the diversity characterising our contemporary society, mainly within a political science frame, but also connecting to social and human science more broadly. Our research is driven by a concern for detecting, analysing and understanding mechanisms and causes of inequality and by the question of how to define and promote the equality of social groups in our ...

Department of Civil engineering Ghent University

Department of Civil Engineering groups 5 research units:Coastal Engineering, Bridges and RoadsGeotechnics LaboratoryHydraulics LaboratoryMaritime TechnologyMobility and Spatial Planning

Traffic Safety Hasselt University

The research programme 'strategic analysis' mainly focuses on instruments and models which allow analysis of traffic safety for strategic purposes, for example to support planning and policy.
The research programme 'risk and evaluation studies' mainly focuses on the relation between infrastructure, the environment, driving behavior and its impact on traffic safety.

Diversity Hasselt University


The research of the unit is organized in three thematic clusters: diversity in employment relations and organizations, in education and in the Belgian society. Examples of research topics are inclusive diversity management practices, the relation between diversity and employment relations, pregnancy-related discrimination at work, work-family balance for female entrepreneurs, and entrepreneurship in ethnic minority communities. ...