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Research Group

Lifecycle:1 Nov 1992 →  Today
Organisation profile:

The research of the unit is organized in three thematic clusters: diversity in employment relations and organizations, in education and in the Belgian society. Examples of research topics are inclusive diversity management practices, the relation between diversity and employment relations, pregnancy-related discrimination at work, work-family balance for female entrepreneurs, and entrepreneurship in ethnic minority communities.  Diversity in education includes research projects about the institutional and organizational mechanisms that create or successfully combat the educational gap between ethnic majority and minority students in schools and higher education. 

Within the Belgian society, research is conducted about the perception of equal opportunities among the Belgian population and the integration of ethnic minorities in Flanders.

Keywords:Ageing workforce, Disability in employment, Diversity, Diversity management and policy, Education, Equal opportunities, Ethnic minority entrepreneurs, Gender in work and organization, Inclusion, Inequality
Disciplines:Business administration and accounting, Management, Sociology of organisations and occupations