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“Wrap-up of the ‘European external trade statistics, 1700-1830-workshop’ in Lille” in G. Daudin ed., Journées de travail ‘European External Trade Statistics, 1700-1830, 2011

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The workshop 'Journées de travail 'European external trade statistics, 1700-1830', held in Lille in March 2011, tried to bring scholars from around Europe together to see whether it is possible to create a database using early statistics as a source. Most scholars gave an overview of the statistical sources in their country and the problems they encountered when applying these sources. The wrap-up pointed out the different problems historians are facing when trying to link different statistical sources together, but also tried to see where these sources converged and how we could make them fit.
Boek: Unknown
Jaar van publicatie:2011
Trefwoorden:Trade statistics, Customs, Database, Eighteenth century, Maritime trade