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Systematic review : what is the impact of self-scheduling on the patient, nurse and organization?

Tijdschriftbijdrage - Review Artikel

Aim To systematically review and evaluate the literature on the impact of self-scheduling on patient, nurse and organization-related outcomes. Design A systematic review. Data sources PubMed, Embase, Web of Science, Cinahl, Scopus, Google Scholar, ERIC and Cochrane Library were screened until October 2019 (week 40) for peer-reviewed, empirical articles, written in English, Dutch or French. Review methods Two reviewers screened title and abstract using predetermined eligibility criteria and one reviewer screened the full texts of relevant hits. Quality was assessed with the Mixed Methods Appraisal Tool. Results Studies (N = 23) were retained and classified into explanatory and descriptive studies. The articles reported on a range of outcomes: patient- and nurse-reported quality of care, job satisfaction, satisfaction with scheduling, work/life balance, planning involvement, interaction with colleagues, health and well-being, psychosocial factors, professional development, nurse manager's scheduling time, general working conditions, turnover, temporary employment agency use and absenteeism, recruitment and retention. Conclusion The evidence base is limited. Several studies confirmed the positive impact of self-scheduling on the nurse and the organization. However, other studies found negative outcomes or no change. These outcomes should be interpreted in the light of contextual factors and the implementation process, which was often not without difficulties. Future research should use a multimethod longitudinal design, bear in mind the possibilities of quantitative research (e.g. for studying psychosocial factors) and employ a theoretical framework. Impact This review informs about the inconsistent evidence on the association between self-scheduling and patient, nurse and organization-related outcomes and includes enablers and barriers to a successful implementation. These outcomes are influenced by the implementation process and the sustainability of the self-scheduling system, which are still major challenges for healthcare management. This demonstrates the urgent need for further research.
Tijdschrift: Journal of Advanced Nursing
ISSN: 0309-2402
Issue: 1
Volume: 77
Pagina's: 47 - 82
Jaar van publicatie:2021