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Sexual Well-Being in Older Men and Women: Construction and Validation of a Multi-Dimensional Measure in Four European Countries

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© 2018, Springer Nature B.V. Different forms of sexual expression can be beneficial to health and quality of life of older adults. While research on sexual well-being and aging has focused primarily on negative dynamics, this approach may not fit well the sexual reality of aging men and women. We used data from a probability-based survey carried out in 2016 among men and women aged 60+ years from four European countries to develop and validate a measure of sexual well-being. This multi-dimensional measure included items on sexual satisfaction, physical intimacy, emotional closeness during sex, sexual compatibility and distress related to problematic sexual function, was characterized with a good fit to the data, partial scalar invariance across gender and configural invariance across country. The measure was consistently associated with emotional intimacy, frequency of sexual intercourse and masturbation. No systematic gender differences in sexual well-being were observed. Higher sexual well-being corresponded to better self-reported health and being partnered or married. Given the lack of information about successful sexual aging and the absence of sexuality education for older adults, this study’s findings about the facets of sexual well-being in aging men and women may assist health workers and other professionals working with this population.
Tijdschrift: Journal of Happiness Studies
ISSN: 1389-4978
Issue: 7
Volume: 20
Pagina's: 2329 - 2350
Aantal pagina's: 22
Jaar van publicatie:2019