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Privacy under Construction: A Developmental Perspective on Privacy Perception

Tijdschriftbijdrage - Tijdschriftartikel

We present a developmental perspective regarding the difference in perceptions toward privacy between young and old. Here, we introduce the notion of privacy conceptions, that is, the specific ideas that individuals have regarding what privacy actually is. The differences in privacy concerns often found between young and old are postulated as the result of the differences found in their privacy conceptions, which are subsequently linked to theirdevelopmental life stages. The data presented have been obtained through a questionnaire distributed among adolescents, young adults, and adults and provide support for this developmental perspective. This study is one of thefirst to include adolescents when investigating the privacy concerns among young and old. The results show that the privacy conceptions held by adolescents indeed differ from those held by young adults and adults in keeping with the expectations as seen from a developmental perspective. Inaddition, the areas in which the differences in privacy conceptions are found also reflect the strongest relationship with concerns. As such, these findingspresent an alternative perspective to the commonly held notion that young people are less concerned about privacy.
Tijdschrift: Science, Technology & Human Values
ISSN: 0162-2439
Issue: 4
Volume: 40
Pagina's: 615 - 637
Jaar van publicatie:2015