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Patterns of co-authorship in journal articles in the social sciences and humanities (2000-2010)

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This paper analyses co-authorship in Flemish Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH) from the period 2000-2010, based on a full coverage bibliometric database, the VABB-SHW. Combining whole and fractional calculations on co-authorship occurrence, our findings indicate that both domestic and international collaborative publishing in the SSH is increasing, though considerable differences between disciplines remain. We further demonstrate that multi-authored Flemish SSH articles in journals indexed in the Web of Science (WoS) generally have a higher (international) co-authorship count and growth rate than those in non-WoS journals, indicating the need to include non-WoS data when studying co-authorship in the SSH.
Boek: Proceedings of the 17th International Conference on Science and Technology Indicators (STI), MontrĂ©al
Pagina's: 640 - 650
Jaar van publicatie:2012
  • Handle: 10067/1005890151162165141