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Part of my story. The meaning and experiences of genes and genetics for sperm donor-conceived offspring

Tijdschriftbijdrage - Tijdschriftartikel

© 2018, © 2018 Informa UK Limited, trading as Taylor & Francis Group. Existing empirical research often do not explain which concepts about genetics underlie the assumption that genetic information is deemed important for donor-conceived offspring. This study focused on how donor-conceived individuals following anonymous sperm donation give meaning to and make sense of genes and genetics. Analysis is based on focus groups and interviews with adult donor-conceived offspring. Findings suggest that genes are part of their specific context of being donor-conceived but also play a role in daily life. Genes make sense on an individual level and a relational level, both on parent-child as sibling-level. On an individual level they were perceived as (1) a biological starting package, (2) their own unique combination and (3) as a reference point. On a relational level, genes were seen as (1) “person-al”, (2) connecting and (3) locating individuals. This information is essential for those supporting/counseling donor conceived offspring and families as well as for policy-members.
Tijdschrift: New Genetics & Society
ISSN: 1463-6778
Issue: 1
Volume: 38
Pagina's: 18 - 37
Aantal pagina's: 20
Jaar van publicatie:2019