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Niveoporofomes (Basidiomycota, Fomitopsidaceae) in Tropical Africa: two additions from Afromontane forests, Niveoporofomes oboensis sp. nov. and N. widdringtoniae comb. nov. and N. globosporus comb. nov. from the Neotropics

Tijdschriftbijdrage - Tijdschriftartikel

During a survey of polypores in the montane forest of the Obo de Sao Tome National Park, in the western African, equatorial island of Sao Tome, a specimen that was, a priori, related to Fomitopsis showed deviating features including subglobose basidiospores with a large gutta. The gross morphology of the basidiome, the hyphal system, the subglobose basidiospores and a brown rot pointed toward Niveoporofomes. Phylogenetic inferences based on multiple loci dataset (ITS-LSU-SSU-TEF1-RPB2) confirmed the placement, and Niveoporofomes oboensis is described as new. The species is compared to Fomitopsis widdringtoniae, known from southeast Africa, which is characterized also by subglobose basidiospores; hence, the new combination N. widdringtoniae is proposed. The new combination Niveoporofomes globosporus (basionym Trametes globospora) is also proposed based on phylogenetic analyses. A key to the species of Fomitopsis, Niveoporofomes, Rhodofomes and Rhodofomitopsis in Tropical Africa is presented.
Tijdschrift: Mycological Progress
ISSN: 1617-416X
Issue: 2
Volume: 21
Jaar van publicatie:2022