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The influence of students' cognitive and motivational characteristics on differences in use and learning gain in a e-learning environment.

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© ISLS. Differences in use of e-learning components can be influenced by student-related characteristics. In this study, an e-learning environment was developed in line with the four component instructional design (4C/ID) model. The four components consist of authentic problem-based tasks (i.e., learning tasks), various support (i.e., supportive and procedural information) and additional drill-and practice exercises (i.e., part-task practice). This study firstly investigates the influence of students’ prior knowledge, task value and self-efficacy on students’ use of the components. Secondly, it examines the influence of students’ use of the components on their learning gain, taking into account their characteristics. Results of 161 students reveal a significantly negative influence of prior knowledge on students’ use of learning tasks and part-task-practice, whereas task value has a significantly positive influence on use of learning tasks and supportive information. Furthermore, use of learning tasks, procedural information and students’ prior knowledge significantly contribute to students’ learning gain.
Boek: Proceedings of International Conference of the Learning Sciences, ICLS
Pagina's: 128 - 135
Jaar van publicatie:2018