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How much of Toyota's philosophy is embedded in health care at the organisational level? : a review

Tijdschriftbijdrage - Tijdschriftartikel

Aims: Identify which of ToyotaU+2019s principles are reported in health care institutions at the organisational level and to identify the type of reported outcomes related to the effectiveness of lean production reported in these studies.Background: No scientific research has been conducted to determine which of ToyotaU+2019s principles are embedded in health care systems. This knowledge is needed to perform targeted adjustments in health care.Evaluation: Sixty studies were identified for the final analysis.Key Issue(s): Some Toyota Way principles appear more deeply embedded in health care institutions than others are.Conclusion: Not all principles of ToyotaU+2019s philosophy and production system were embedded in the studies in this review. The type of reported outcomes at the organisational level was diverse.Implications for Nursing Management: This literature review increases our knowledge about how many (and which) of the Toyota Way principles are embedded in health care. This knowledge may support reflection by nursing managers about how the full range of lean management principles could be embedded at the managerial and/or operational level.
Tijdschrift: Journal of Nursing Management
ISSN: 0966-0429
Issue: 4
Volume: 26
Pagina's: 348 - 357
Jaar van publicatie:2018