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Feasibility analysis of the simulation of the physical durability of joint repair for traditional brick masonry

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Mortar joints play an important role in the technical performance of historical masonry facades. Research has demonstrated the importance of physical compatibility, but it remains challenging to understand the physical compatibility of a hardened repair mortar with a complex existing structure before the execution of the intervention. This contribution investigates the application of a simulation software in order to assess the impact of the design choices for the repair mortar on the physical behavior of the brick masonry. The applied software is Delphin, a simulation program for coupled heat and moisture transport in porous building materials. The simulations were found to be a promising tool for risk assessment of frost damage in porous building materials. The main restrictions are the lack of clear frost damage criteria and the missing link with actual damages.
Boek: 10th IMC
Pagina's: 1698 - 1708
Jaar van publicatie:2018