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Engineering a minimal cloning vector from a pUC18 plasmid backbone with an extended multiple cloning site

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Minimal plasmids play an essential role in many intermediate steps in molecular biology. For example, they can be used to assemble building blocks in synthetic biology or be used as intermediate cloning plasmids that are ideal for PCR-based mutagenesis methods. A small backbone also opens up for additional unique restriction enzyme cloning sites. Here we describe the generation of pICOz, a 1185-bp fully functional high-copy cloning plasmid with an extended multiple cloning site. We believe that this is the smallest high-copy cloning vector ever described.METHOD SUMMARY: We eliminated all superfluous sequences in a commonly used cloning vector in order to generate as small a cloning plasmid as possible by simple iterative PCR mutagenesis.
ISSN: 1940-9818
Issue: 6
Volume: 66
Pagina's: 254 - 259
Jaar van publicatie:2019