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Comparison of 2 Serum-Free Light-Chain Assays in CKD Patients

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Introduction: Quantification of serum-free light chains (FLCs) is important in the diagnosis and monitoring of paraprotein-related diseases. There are currently 2 FLC assays available: the Freelite assay (Binding Site) and the N Latex assay (Siemens). There is emerging evidence that these assays give different results, but it is not established how kidney dysfunction affects these assays differently. Methods: In this study, we measured and compared serum FLCs in patients with mild-to-moderate chronic kidney disease (CKD) using both assays. Results: Although κ FLCs are higher by Freelite, λ FLCs are higher by N Latex. Both κ and λ FLCs correlate inversely with estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR) in the 2 assays, but this effect is more pronounced in λ-free light-chain measurement by N Latex. Consequently, although the κ/λ ratio by Freelite is inversely correlated by eGFR, the κ/λ ratio by N Latex is positively correlated with eGFR. Conclusion: Our results clearly demonstrate that the 2 available FLC assays cannot be used interchangeably in patients with CKD.
Tijdschrift: Kidney International Reports
Issue: 5
Volume: 5
Pagina's: 627 - 631
Aantal pagina's: 5
Jaar van publicatie:2020