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The CAMETRON lecture recording system: High quality video recording and editing with minimal human supervision

Tijdschriftbijdrage - Boekhoofdstuk Conferentiebijdrage

In this paper, we demonstrate a system that automates the process of recording video lectures in classrooms. Through special hard-ware (lecturer and audience facing cameras and microphone arrays), we record multiple points of view of the lecture. Person detection and tracking, along with recognition of different human actions are used to digitally zoom in on the lecturer, and alternate focus between the lecturer and the slides or the blackboard. Audio sound source localization, along with face detection and tracking, is used to detect questions from the audience, to digitally zoom in on the member of the audience asking the question and to improve the quality of the sound recording. Finally, an automatic video editing system is used to naturally switch between the different video streams and to compose a compelling end product. We demonstrate the working system in two classrooms, over two 2-hour lectures, given by two lecturers.
Tijdschrift: Lecture Notes in Computer Science
ISSN: 0302-9743
Volume: 10704 LNCS
Pagina's: 518 - 530
Jaar van publicatie:2018