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Belgium - finds from trawl fishing, dredging and beach walking

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Belgian archaeologists have only recently become engaged in the exploration of the early prehistory of the sea floor. Finds held in local museums and private collections, as well as those presented in many local publications, have proved to hold rich information of relevance. This information derives from the crews of Belgian fishing boats who, for decades, have brought up fossil bones from the North Sea. These finds were apparently recovered from infills in ancient river valleys and are often remarkably well preserved demonstrating a quality of preservation that most likely also applies to inundated early prehistoric remains.
Boek: Oceans of archaeology
Pagina's: 89-93
Aantal pagina's: 5
Jaar van publicatie:2018
Trefwoorden:Archaeology, Catching methods > Net fishing > Trawling, Fossils, Mammoths, Organic matter > Biogenic deposits > Organic sediments > Peat, Walruses, ANE, Belgium, Marine