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An Analytical Visualization of Local Running Activity on a Public Display

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Wearable technology now enables casual runners to collect vast amounts of personal activity data. Although this data is typically reviewed privately to track personal goals, we believe that the public sharing of these sports statistics can lead to unique forms of social engagement. We thus deployed an analytical data visualization in the actual context that spawns physical activity data, i.e. at running events. Even though data visualization has already been used on public displays to inform passers-by, there exists limited knowledge about its real potential towards collaborative and analytical sense-making. We present the design process and evaluation of a multidimensional, interactive visualization of sports statistics on a public display. Our initial results indicate that analytical visualizations on public displays should include annotations to surface key insights and designers may consider offering introductory narratives to improve their accessibility. Multiple displays may better support comparison tasks in social and public contexts.
Boek: DIS' 20 Companion: Companion Publication of the 2020 ACM Designing Interactive Systems Conference
Pagina's: 13 - 13
Aantal pagina's: 6
Jaar van publicatie:2020