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Ondertitel:towards hyper-scalable Internet of Things simulation
With the rise of internet-connected devices a novel approach for application testing and validation is required. This paper explores the possibility to test hyper-scale Internet of Things environments using state-of-the-art simulation techniques. More specifically, a Software In The Loop simulation (SIL) method is introduced which enables the interaction between virtual simulated models and actual real-life Internet of Things devices. Furthermore, we present Acsim, a custom hyper scalable and distributed agent-based simulation framework to test and validate Internet Of Things applications. Finally, a use-case developed in the Acsim framework is presented to demonstrate both the SIL and hyperscalable capabilities.
Boek: Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on P2P, Parallel, Grid, Cloud and Internet Computing (3PGCIC-2017) / Xhafa, Fatos [edit.]
Pagina's: 743 - 750
Jaar van publicatie:2018