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TEARLESS: Veilige coördinatie van rijke internettoepassingslagen (IWTSBO11)

We are witnessing a drastic shift in architectures for web applications. This in response to the increasing market for Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) that offer collaborative and off-line functionality, at global scales. Realizing these qualities requires distributing previously centralized application logic and state vertically from the server to a client tier (e.g., for desktop-like and off-line client functionality), and horizontally between instances of the same tier (e.g., for collaborative client functionality and for scaling of resource-starved services). Both bring about the essential complexity of maintaining the consistency and safeguarding the security of replicated or shared application assets, along with the accidental complexity of reconciling a myriad of heterogenous tier-specific technology.
Datum:1 jan 2016 →  31 dec 2019
Trefwoorden:Rich Internet Applications
Project type:Samenwerkingsproject