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Technology Cluster

Hoofdorganisatie:Flanders Make

Many companies in Flanders work around products with a motion component such as vehicles and machines. We apply this competence to help them develop new ‘future-proof’ products which are smart, automatically adapt to the environment to provide optimal performance, and use digital, Industry 4.0 technology.

The focus is on the architecture and the validation of systems, as well as the combination of autonomy and automation (autonomation) for professional applications. For businesses, this leads to improved, better-performing products that last longer and deliver better quality.

more: https://www.flandersmake.be/en/research/motion-products

Trefwoorden:Autonomous motion products, Energy- and cost-efficient drivetrains and electrification, Remote connected operation, Zero-defect (safe) hyper-reliable systems, Modular interacting systems (incl. swarm), Fast, highly accurate systems
Disciplines:Infrastructuur, transport en mobiliteitsingenieurswetenschappen, Intelligente voertuigen, Controlesystemen, robotica en automatisatie, Automatisatie en controlesystemen, Robotica en automatische controle, Elektrische energietechniek, Batterijtechnologie, Elektrische machines en transformatoren, Automobielingenieurskunde, Hybride voertuigen, Ontwerptheorieën en -methoden, Computer aided engineering, simulatie en design, Control engineering, Mechanische aandrijfsystemen, Energieopwekkings-, conversie- en opslagtechniek, Energieconversie, Energieopslag, Kinematica en dynamica, Mechatronica en robotica, Mobiele en gedistribueerde robotica, Bewegingsplanning en -controle, Fysieke systeemmodellering, Robotsysteemarchitecturen en -programmering, Sensoren, estimatoren en actuatoren, Signalen en systemen, Software en data-acquisitie, Tribologie, Numerieke modellering en design, Warmteoverdracht, Thermodynamische processen, Modellering en simulatie, Vloeistofmechanica en -dynamica, Innovatie en technologiemanagement