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Hoofdorganisatie:FLEXIBLE ASSEMBLY

The Flanders Make EDM core lab focuses on three core competences:'Visual Computing', 'Networked and Secure Systems' and 'Human-ComputerInteraction'.

We are active in the full range of the research continuum: from fundamental tobasic & applied research as well as contract R&D. We value cooperation with industry andexploitation of research results. This is mostly realized by:

(i)        UndertakingR&D projects with industry and SMEs through national, international, aswell as bilateral funding schemes;

(ii)       The establishment of spin-off companies (eight direct spin-off companies up to now);

(iii)     Setting up license agreements withcompanies.

EDM'skey objective is to be a leading research institute in human-computerinteraction, computer graphics, networked systems, computer vision and virtualenvironments. As a Flanders Make core lab this is realized by focusing onresearch topics such as Interaction, Visualization and Networked and SecureSystems for manufacturing industry.


Trefwoorden:Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality, Intelligible Interfaces, Simulation and visualization, Operator support systems, Networking and Interaction aspects of IoT, The Human Side of Actuated & Physical Systems, User-Centered Software Engineering
Disciplines:Communicatie, Communicatietechnologie, Multimediaverwerking, Ontwerptheorieën en -methoden, Scientific computing, Productontwikkeling