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Jun Gu

  • Trefwoorden:Bouwkunde, Materiaaltechnologie
  • Disciplines:Composieten en hybride materialen niet elders geclassificeerd, Korte en lange vezelversterkte composieten, Chemische karakterisering van materialen, Macromoleculaire en materiaalchemie niet elders geclassificeerd, Destructieve en niet-destructieve materiaaltesten, Metamaterialen, Materiaalrecyclage en -valorisatie, Materiaalwetenschappen en -techniek niet elders geclassificeerd
  • Gebruikers van onderzoeksexpertise:

    Profession                   Research and analysis in material science

    Work experience         08/1984—08/1988

                                        Research Assistant, Chemical analysis of inorganic non-

                                        Metallic material, Shanghai Institute of Ceramics,

                                        Academic Sinica



                                        Research of PPV derivatives, Dept of Physical Chemistry

                                        and Polymer Science, Faculty of IR, VUB



                                        Characterization of non-linear optic polymer and thermal

                                        Plastic composite material, Dept of Physical Chemistry

                                        and Polymer Science, Faculty of IR, VUB



                                        Working as independent



                                        Research assistant, Dept of Mechanics of Materials and

                                        Construction, Faculty of IR, VUB


    GOA Project 1997-2002

    The use of a new phosphate cementitious glass fiber reinforced composite in for building applications


    GBOU Project 2003-2007

    Predictive tools for permeability, mechanical and electro-magnetic properties of fibrous assemblies: Modelling, simulations and experimental verification


    SBO project 2004-2008

    Sheet Metal Oriented Prototyping and Rapid Manufacturing


    FWO_SPIF Project 2008-2011

    Metal Single Point Incremental Forming Process


    Horizontale Actie (HOA)Project 2009-2012

    Designing an optimal prosthesis bra


    FWO_COMPOSITE Project 2009-2013

    Characterization of the fatigue behaviour of fibre reinforced plastics by accelerated fatigue testing of composite beams and plates using electromagnetic shakers