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Freeform Optics

The optics technology platform is founded on cutting-edge extreme manufacturing equipment and instrumentation, and covers the full supply chain from world-unique and patented “first-time-right” freeform optical design, to optical grade glass and plastic prototyping and metal mould fabrication with top-notch milling and diamond tooling equipment and extreme surface polishing, to mass-manufacturing with hot embossing, plastic injection and glass press moulding facilities, supported by front-line optical metrology and testing equipment in ISO class 7 cleanroom environment.
The equipmen consists of 4 items:
- a glass press moulding (GPM) system
- an imaging polarimeter
- an ultra-high spatial resolution laser interferometer system
- a tilted wave interferometer
Type: Facility
Locatietype: Single sited
Toegankelijkheid: Niet toegankelijk
Disciplines: Optica, elektromagnetische theorie