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Patricia Van den Eeckhout

  • Keywords:Economics and applied economics, Educational sciences, Political and social sciences, General and logistic services
  • Users of research expertise:
    • 19th and 20th century: wages and wage systems - working conditions- housing conditions and housing policies - income of working class families - consumption patterns - history of food in Western Europe, 18th-20th centuries- historiography of social history in Belgium- theory of history- social policy and social statistics- sources and archives for Belgian history.
    • social and cultural history of Western Europe 1750-1960 (consumption, labour, family, mobility, space)
    • discourse analysis of Belgian political discourses
    • economic history 1750-1990
    • discourse analysis and food history
    • the discourse of advertising before the First World War
    • history, hospitality sector, restaurants, cafés, hotels, waiters, cooks, labour migration, training, unions, labour relations in hotels, restaurants and cafés, tipping