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Laboratory of Cell Stress & Immunity


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The Laboratory for Cell Stress & Immunity (CSI) focusses on following research themes: cancer immunology & immunotherapy (e.g. DC vaccines, immune-checkpoint blockers, chemo-immunotherapy), immunology of cancer cell death (e.g. programmed cell death like apoptosis, necrosis & necroptosis; stress responses, inflammation, immunity), stress or therapy-elicited immune-signalling pathways (e.g. type I interferons, NFkB signalling, phagocytosis, cytokines/chemokines, danger signals), immune cell biology (DCs, macrophages & T cells) and biomarkers for clinical immuno-oncology (e.g. computational immunology-driven analyses of CD8 T cell exhaustion/tumour immune-landscape & functional immunology of cancer patient's serum). Ultimately, our laboratory aims to specialize in reverse translational approaches to hasten basic and translational progress in the field of immuno-oncology.

Keywords:Computational Immunology & Bioinformatics, Integrated Immune-Signaling in Cancer, Biomarkers in Immuno-oncology, Programmed Cell Death, Inflammation & Immunity, Cancer Immunology & Immunotherapy
Disciplines:Molecular and cell biology, Immunology, Bioinformatics and computational biology, Oncology, Medical systems biology