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Electrical Engineering and Power Electronics Vrije Universiteit Brussel


The study group is mainly doing research and teaching in the following domains -Electric and Hybrid Vehicles- where the current activities consists of vehicle evaluation and demonstration, standardisation, drive train simulation, inductive charger development, battery testing and development of state-of-charge measurement techniques. Dissemination activities in collaboration with CITELEC, Association of Cities interested in Electric and ...

Electrical Engineering Technology (ESAT), Bruges Campus KU Leuven

The TC Electrical Engineering (ESAT), Bruges Campus is part of the M-Group (Mechatronics Group) at KU Leuven, Bruges Campus. The M-Group is focused on the growing demand, by builders and users, for machines and systems to more advanced and fully integrated mechatronic systems. Competences on mechatronics at the Bruges Campus were brought together to in a group of broad and highly complementary expertise. The M-Group addresses the rising unmet ...

Electrical Engineering Technology (ESAT), Ghent and Aalst Technology Campuses KU Leuven

The Technology Cluster of the department of Electrical Engineering is split up in 3 research units:

  • DraMCo: Continuously driven by questions from and contacts with industrial partners, we cover a broad range of research topics in wireless, mobile and embedded communications. The goal is to make new technologies accessible for industrial partners. Technical support, advice, training, networking, etc are part of the core ...

Department of Electrical Engineering (ESAT) KU Leuven


The Department of Electrical Engineering (ESAT), consists of 6 sections: ESAT - ELECTA, Electrical Energy and Computer Architectures; ESAT - PSI, Processing Speech and Images; ESAT - MICAS, Microelectronics and Sensors; ESAT - COSIC, Computer Security and Industrial Cryptography; ESAT - STADIUS, Stadius Centre for Dynamical Systems, Signal Processing and Data Analytics; and ESAT- TELEMIC, Telecommunications and Microwaves. The Associated ...

Electrical Engineering Technology (ESAT), Group T Leuven Campus KU Leuven

Het Technology Cluster van de afdeling Electrical Engineering (ESAT) doet onderzoek op het gebied van betrouwbaarheid, draadloze communicatie, energie en automatisering, verlichting, visie, audio- en gegevensverwerking, menselijke computerinteractie, chipontwerp, ingebedde systemen en beveiliging.The Technology Cluster of the department of Electrical Engineering (ESAT) conducts research in the fields of reliability, wireless communication, ...

Electrical Engineering Technology (ESAT), De Nayer (Sint-Katelijne-Waver) Campus KU Leuven

The research goal is applying state-of-the-art computer vision techniques as a solution for industry-specific vision problems. In order to meet stringent execution speed, energy footprint, costand price requirements, the developed algorithms are implemented and optimized on embedded systems, such as GPUs, DSPs and FPGAs.

Electrical Engineering Technology (ESAT), Diepenbeek Campus KU Leuven

The Technology Cluster of the department of Electrical Engineering (ESAT) conducts research in the fields of reliability, wireless communication, energy and automation, lighting, vision, audio and data processing, human computer interaction, chip design, embedded systems and security.

Electrical Engineering Technology (ESAT), Geel Campus KU Leuven

This research focuses on the hardening of integrated circuits (micro-chips) against ionizing radiation and high-energy particles encountered in space. Our mission is to design and test new (micro-/nano-)electronic circuits that withstand the effects of ionizing radiation.

Electronics and Informatics Vrije Universiteit Brussel

ETRO (Electronics and Information Processing) focuses on three major topics: devices and electronic technology (LAMI) on the one hand, and on the other hand the processing of information through electronic means in fields related to digital images and video (IRIS) and speech (DSSP). 1. IRIS studies how to map image processing algorithms on appropriate architectures for efficient implementation, image and video compression, data visualisation, ...

Department of Electronics and information systems Ghent University

The main activities of the Department of Electronics and Information Systems (ELIS) are situated in the fields of electronics, computer science and ICT. In particular in these technical fields, the evolution in industry and society is taking place faster than ever, and this has a very strong impact on university departments like ELIS. We believe it is our role to be at the very forefront of the evolution, preparing our engineering students to ...