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Johan Stiens

  • Keywords:Electronics and electrical engineering
  • Disciplines:Biomedical instrumentation, Energy in buildings and built environments, Construction materials, Non-destructive testing, safety and diagnosis, Biomedical modelling, Human health engineering, Neurophysiology, Physiological biophysics, Microwaves, millimeter waves and THz components and circuits and systems, Semiconductor devices, nanoelectronics and technology, Sensors, biosensors and smart sensors not elsewhere classified, Nanomaterials
  • Users of research expertise:
    • Active multi-parameters wave imaging in the mm-wave domain (30-300 GHz)
    • Advanced sensor solutions in the mm-wave and sub-THz domain (10-750 GHz)
    • Optoelectronic devices for mid-infrared applications
    • Multi-model phsyiological sensing
    • Semiconductor micro-and nanotechnologies