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Energy and Materials in Infrastructure and Buildings (EMIB)

Research Group

Main organisation:Construction
Lifecycle:1 Oct 2013  →  Today
Organisation profile:EMIB stands for "Energy and Materials in Infrastructure and Buildings". The research group consists of a complementary team of engineers from different aspects of the built environment and electromechanics. Innovation, sustainability and quality are principal research objectives. The research group is organized in three sections:• The section "Green Building Engineering" studies the optimisation of the sustainability of building designs and energetic renovations. It adopts an integrated approach with particular attention for technical feasibility, comfort, economic returns (LCC) and the reduction of environmental impact during the life cycle of the project (LCA and LCC).• Within the field of HVAC (Heat, Ventilation & Air Conditioning), the section "HVAC Engineering" focuses on climate control and heat distribution in buildings and industrial applications. This section collaborates closely with the spin-off HYSOPT, which develops the namesake design and optimisation software. • The section "Road Engineering Research Section" focuses on examining the material properties, recycling and innovative applications of bituminous and hydraulically bound materials in infrastructure, especially sustainable asphalt constructions.
Disciplines:Building engineering, Structural engineering, Other civil and building engineering