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The Scientific and Technical Center for the Construction Company (WTCB) has existed since 1959 and was founded by and for the sector. Every year all WTCB employees are ready to support construction professionals with their daily tasks. The link to the daily practice is here an important factor. That is why the Technical Committees are essential for the operation of the Center.

As a research center, WTCB always looks to the future and pursues ambitious goals so that the sector can continue to evolve, innovate and, above all, to have a strong qualitative and competitive position. Read more…

The WTCB is a private research institution that was established in 1959 when the De Groote Decree Law was applied. This decree law, named after the former Minister of Economic Affairs, aimed to promote applied research in the industry and to increase competitiveness. In addition to the WTCB, there are a number of other De Groote Centers in Belgium, including the Road Search Center (OCW).

The driving force behind the founding of the Center was Pierre Holoffe, co-founder of the National Confederation of the Construction Company (NCB), the current Construction Confederation.

Main assignments


• investigates: conducting pre-normative and innovative scientific and technical research for its members

• informs: disseminating the results of the research to its members, as well as providing technical and organizational assistance

• innovates: contributing to general innovation and development in the construction sector, including through contract research at the request of industry and the government.

A multidisciplinary team is needed to successfully complete these three main assignments. The workforce of the WTCB consists of engineers from different fields, geologists, biologists, technicians, administrators, translators, draftsmen, IT staff, accountants ...

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