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Wouter Vandenhole

  • Research interest:Wouter Vandenhole is a human rights and law-and-development scholar. His research interests include children's rights, human rights, in particular economic, social and cultural rights, and the relationship between human rights law and development. For some years now, he has focused on transnational human rights obligations, i.e. the human rights obligations of new duty-bearers, and in particular on companies. More recently, he started to explore the conceptual implications of sustainable development for human rights law, and in particular the question of distribution.
  • Keywords:LAW AND DEVELOPMENT, HUMAN RIGHTS LAW, CHILDREN'S RIGHTS, Law (incl. notarial studies)
  • Disciplines:Human rights law
  • Research techniques:Literature review; interviews
  • Users of research expertise:I have multiple audiences, in particular students of law; practitioners and policy makers; and peers in the field of human rights; children's rights, and development.