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Roy Remmen

  • Research interest:My expertise covers qualitative and quantitative work in primary health care and medical education in various projects. The most important projects are: In the FAITH consortium (National Institute for Health and Disability Insurance (NIHDI)) we examine innovative and bottom up projects regarding chronic care in Belgium. In the SCUBY project (Horizon 2020) we study best avenues to scale up best evidence practice in Belgium, Slovenia and Cambodia. The Primary Care Academy (Chair of Fonds Dr. Daniël De Coninck) deals with new and innovative tools for patients, practitioners and teachers (goals oriented care, self management and interprofessional care) in Flanders. Capacity building for teaching and research are of majour importance. Two research chairs are supported by me: the Chair Public Mental Health (studying mental health care needs in Flanders and the Antwerp region in particular) and the Chair Care and the Natural Environment (with focus on the relation of the effects of green space and the natural world and build environment on health).
  • Disciplines:Public health care not elsewhere classified, Elderly care, Family care, Health and community services, Mental healthcare services, Primary health care
  • Research techniques:Quantitative Qualitative Triangulation
  • Users of research expertise:My research activities are related to primary care and public health en medical education research. They involve quantitative, qualitative and triangulation methods. The results are of use of practitioners at the micro level, managers at the meso level and decision makers at the macro level.