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Kenn Foubert

  • Research interest:Qualitative and quantitative investigations on traditional and commercial available herbal products and food supplements. This implies the isolation, structure elucidation and activity measurements of compounds, next to the development and validation of analytical methods to preserve the quality of these products. In view of the possible increased activity of biological metabolites of these products, their content is also investigated after in-vitro gastro-intestinal and liver biotransformation, which gives the opportunity to identify the active metabolites. Next to this, the quality and content of skin products is investigated, with the identification of possible allergens as a result.
  • Disciplines:Separation techniques, Spectrometry, Pharmaceutical analysis and quality assurance not elsewhere classified, Pharmacognosy, Phytochemistry
  • Research techniques:Liquid chromatography, HPLC as well as UPLC, detection based on DAD, (High resolution) mass spectrometry, ELSD... In case of isolation coupled to automated fractionation, SPE or high volume fractionation. Flash chromatography. Gas Chromatography coupled to FID or Mass spectrometry NMR identification in vitro and ex-vivo cell culture (HUVEC, aorta ring assay) in vitro gastro intestinal model
  • Users of research expertise:Collaborations with industrial partners and research institutes. Collaboration concerns method development and validation on mainly food supplements herbal medicines and skin products, research for the development of traditional herbal medicinal products. Interested in: - Collaboration with other research groups and industrial partners - Joint grant applications - Contract research