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Arvi Sepp

  • Research interest:Arvi Sepp is a specialist in the culture-historical analysis of the connections between literature and ideology in religious and linguistic minorities as well as in artistic subcultures. His work focuses on 20th-century German-Jewish literature in the context of the Holocaust and the reception of Jewish thought. Research areas also include political and ethical commitment, transnationalism and multilingualism in literary texts written in the context of migration and exile.
  • Keywords:AUTOBIOGRAPHY, LITERATURE, IDENTITY, JEWISH DIASPORA AND LITERATURE, GERMAN-JEWISH LITERATURE, MEMORY, JEWISH STUDIES, HOLOCAUST, Language and literature (incl. information, documentation, library and archive sciences)
  • Disciplines:Comparative literature studies, Contemporary literature, Literatures in German, Modern literature, Literary theory, Sociology of literary texts
  • Research techniques:1. Hermeneutics2. Corpus analysis
  • Users of research expertise:1. Research networks/institutions (research centres, universities)2. Public networks/institutions (libraries, archives, museums)3. Media (TV channels, newspapers, radio)