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Transformation- and realisation-oriented spatial policy in Flanders

Book Contribution - Chapter

Subtitle:Can detailed urban planning regulations meet this challenge? An exploration of the flexibility of special construction plans based on the data from the permit register.
With the Flanders Spatial Policy Plan, the Flemish government wishes to pursue a strategic, dynamic and realisation-oriented spatial policy in the future. Within this policy vision, special attention is paid to a good mix of instruments and adapted regulations, among other things with a view to increasing the spatial yield. Through intensification, interweaving, reuse and temporary use, the aim is to shift the focus from an "expansion policy" to a "transformation policy". In the future, the existing space will be used differently and this will be made possible with the right instruments.

The central research question is: can the current instruments meet the challenge of transformation, or are they outdated and insufficiently flexible for this purpose? This paper takes a close look at the special plans for construction and seeks relations with the licensing policy.
Book: Verruimen
Pages: 315 - 327
Number of pages: 13
Publication year:2016