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Research into the local social added value of the Antwerp-Ruhr pipeline

Book - Report

The research into social, local and regional added value is exploratory in nature (based on design research and dialogue) and focuses on innovative and forward-looking working methods, in other words, can be used to determine the choice of route and the effective realisation of the pipeline street. The opportunities, potentials and opportunities for social, local or regional added value are discussed, but without losing sight of the (environmental) technical limitations and the overarching social objective of the pipeline street.
Attention is paid to achieving concrete local or regional added value within a short term and/or (medium) long term perspective. Such concrete actions will in most cases be very specific to the local context. After all, each segment of the network is unique and will require a specific solution. However, the aim of this study is to formulate more generic type solutions. Starting from concrete case areas (pilot cases), area-specific proposals are devised on the basis of design research, and then scaled up to solution directions for certain types of landscapes.
A methodology is being developed to increase local and regional involvement and public support for the overall project in the leidingstraat. Essential in the development of a long-term strategic vision is the need for an area-specific organisational model and the initiation of one or more participation processes. In this study, an evaluation framework is developed to support the design of these aspects.
Number of pages: 140
Publication year:2019