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Geological and hydrogeological 3D model of the Cenozoic of the Belgian-Dutch border region of Midden-Brabant / De Kempen (H3O - De Kempen)

Book - Report

H3O-De Kempen is a (hydro)geological 3-dimensional geometric model of the subsurface of the Kempen border region. The transboundary character of the modelling is central. The Cenozoic (Quaternary, Neogene and Paleogene) deposits in the Flemish and Dutch part of the border region of the Kempen were modelled. The differences between the existing (hydro)geological interpretations and models of the Dutch and Vl The model area of H3O-De Kempen links up with the model area of the previously established H3O-Roerdalslenk. The area contains some important fractures and includes some important drinking water abstractions in the Netherlands and the Mol site (research centre for the storage of radioactive waste) in Flanders. The project area is bounded in depth at the base of the clastic part of the Paleogene (the Paleogene excluding the limestone formation of Houthem). The differences between the existing (hydro)geological interpretations and models of the Dutch and Flemish parts of the project area were identified, investigated and remedied in such a way that the resulting transboundary model forms a consistent whole. The three-dimensional geological and hydrogeological model for the Cenozoic range was compiled on the basis of the most recent data, knowledge and insights so that this model can be accepted as the reference model of the border region ban de Kempen. More information on: https://www.dov.vlaanderen.be/index.php/page/h3o-de-kempen.
Number of pages: 285
Publication year:2018
Keywords:P470-hydrogeology, P430-mineral-deposits