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Value co-creation in Data Ecosystems (MSCA-ITN ODECO)

This project aims to analyze and assess the value that is created and captured in data ecosystems, in order to contribute to a just redistribution of value within the ecosystems. Combining and integrating theories, approaches and methods from the ecosystem domain and the (open) data domain, the project will contribute a review of existing models and methods for measuring and assessing ecosystems, open data, and their value. Moreover, a novel open data ecosystem value assessment framework will be presented, as well as an assessment of open data ecosystems in Europe, their value and the way this value is distributed, using a comparative case study approach. Finally, recommendations for a fairer (re-)distribution of public and private value in a sustainable open data ecosystem will be created.

Date:10 Aug 2022 →  Today
Keywords:data ecosystem, value
Disciplines:Information technologies, Systems design, Human-computer interaction, Social and community informatics, Smart cities
Project type:PhD project